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khanki wife

I have been married for 15 years now to a very sexy woman who has always had a very high sex drive that I had up until 12 months ago managed to satisfy (or so I thought).

I was devestated to find out that she had been fucking around with a black guy who is 20 years younger than me (I’m 43) and that all her friends knew about it and were having a good laugh behind my back. We had a massive row which ended up with her telling me that she would not give up having sex with her lover as his cock was a massive 10” and made her feel like a real slut where as my tiny 6” always left her wanting more. I cried in front of my wife for the first time ever and she seemed to take pity on me. She said that she didn’t want to leave me she just wanted good sex and that as I couldn’t deliver she would have to go elsewhere for it. She told me that if I went along with her wishes she would include me in her sex life but if I refused she would have to leave me.